December 2018


Chapter members please consider in your New Years plans supporting fellow Veterans as a mentor. Here is a wonderful local and needy program for a start ; and it gives you formal training.


Many of our Military Brothers and Sisters are in need of some moral support. Maybe due to PTSD, Trauma or just the problems of EVERYDAY LIFE, This is especially important during the Holiday Season.

ProVetus is beginning a new Pilot Program to provide TRAINED MENTORS to work with Veterans of all ERAs through The Resilience and Wellness Center at the Bronx VA Hospital.

Please consider joining me as a Trained Military Peer to Peer Veteran Mentor through ProVetus. You can be the one that helps one of your Military Brothers or sisters.

Go to our web site for more information at

Chester Edwards
Mentor, Cohort Leader
ProVetUS Bronx VA Pilot Program

ProVetus is a trained, peer mentoring program (nonprofit 501c3) that helps Veterans and service members successfully transition from the military to the civilian sector within five critical domains:

  • Employment / Education
  • Housing
  • Family / Legal
  • Social Physical
  • Medical

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