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Legislative Agenda:

  Our Resolutions
AUSA’s formal Resolutions for 2014

  Where We Stand on Key Issues
A summary of where AUSA stands on key issues including Pay, Health Care, Housing, Families, Retiree, Grow the Army, Readiness, Transformation & Modernization of the Force.

Resolutions Submission

Chapters and individual AUSA members are encouraged to submit proposed resolutions for committee consideration. Resolutions or suggested subjects for resolutions must be forwarded to AUSA national headquarters by July 14, 2014. Prior to the Annual Meeting on October 13 – 15, Resolutions Committee members will review the resolutions that will become the Association’s objectives for the year 2015.


  Based upon fact and logical reasoning
  Clear and concise
  Capable of implementation from a practical viewpoint
  Reflective of AUSA’s ethical standards
  In accord with AUSA’s overall aims and objectives
  Good for the Army and the nation it defends

You may want to refer to the 2014 resolutions as a point of departure. *Please note that AUSA does not use the “whereas” format when drafting resolutions. Supporting statements should be short and to the point.


Soldiers, Families, and Army Civilians; Readiness; Force Transformation; Other
Army Healthcare, Resourcing the Army, Army Efficiencies, etc.)
Housing, Reserve Component Soldiers Benefits, Comanche, etc.
You/Your Chapter Name
A brief explanatory statement as a lead in (usually no more than a paragraph or two
  WE THEREFORE RESOLVE TO URGE THE ADMINISTRATION AND CONGRESS TO: – Specific resolution(s) dealing with one subject

* Please Note: Resolutions not submitted in this format will be returned.


Members may submit proposed resolutions in any of the following ways:

  Online (Members Only)
  E-mail: [email protected]
  Postal Mail to:

2014 Resolutions Committee
Government Affairs
Association of the U. S. Army
2425 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201

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