Chapter Mailing Lists

The NY Statue of Liberty Chapter runs two separate mailing lists: Chapter News & Events and Job Resources. While the former is an official chapter mailing list, the latter is not (see more below).

Chapter News & Events
Job Resources

The Chapter News and Events mailing list is administered by COL (R) Frank Koegl. It is designed to inform individual and corporate AUSA members of upcoming Liberty Chapter events and other important news. It sends out sporadic mail and never spams!

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    The Job Resources mailing list is a private initiative of COL(R) Dominick Morelli to help U.S. Army Veterans. It is administered independently from our server and the frequency and volume of the messages depends entirely on the latest available opportunities. Job opportunities are mailed to Chapter EXCOM members, regular members and associates who further disseminate the information to veterans in need of a job.

    Army Veterans and others interested in joining the Greater NY Statue of Liberty Chapter and being added to this exclusive list should join our Chapter by filling out our registration form. It’s easy! Click here to register.

    Please Read Important Information Below

    The Chapter News and Events mailing list is run from our website using RoundCube on a Linux cPanel server. Our mail typically shows up in the spam box. If you are interested in receiving our mail, it is important that you check your spam box and mark any messages from us as “Not Spam.” If you receive a message from us but are not interested in receiving future mail, you have the option to unsubscribe. Simply click on the link provided in the message and COL Koegl will remove you from the list. If you mark the message as spam instead of unsubscribing, you could jeopardize other members from receiving our messages because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may temporarily block our mail from reaching their servers. Remember that other members may have an account with your ISP as well. Many thanks!

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