Our History


Our Chapter was chartered by National HQ on 08 May 1957 and was originally named the NEW YORK CITY CHAPTER.  It only embraced the five boroughs of NYC as there was originally a LONG ISLAND CHAPTER which encompassed Nassau & Suffolk Counties.  This latter organization was eventually merged into the NYC Chapter whose AO became NYC north to the City-line in The Bronx (northward from there was always the purview of the WEST POINT AREA CHAPTER).

The information on this page was provided by Senior EXCOM Member BG Arnold Albert, State Retired List-NY.

During the non-term-limited Presidency of Colonel Joseph Markle Esq, the Chapter was renamed the NEW YORK~COLONEL JOSEPH MARKLE CHAPTER sometime in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.  I’ve been a Life Member of AUSA since 1968 and an officer of said Chapter since then [Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Treasurer].  In those early years, there was no ExCom..only a “kitchen cabinet of advisors” to Col Markle, who were invariably either Retired general officers or colonels from the Army Corps of Engineers.

The name change to the GREATER NEW YORK~STATUE OF LIBERTY CHAPTER was started, as best I can recall, during the Presidency of Colonel Irvin Lindley Ret or Major General Robert Rose Ret.  The names of all our Presidents from 1957 is on a plaque that is available for viewing in our 346 Broadway office in Room 805.

We used to have general membership meetings [at least when I first joined] in the restaurant of the NY State 14th Regiment Armory on the north side of West 14th St, btw Ave of the Americas & 7th Ave..we eventually transferred that function to the 4th floor 7th Regiment Restaurant in the NY State 7th Regiment Armory at 643 Park Ave btw East 66th-67th Sts.  Our annual Distinguished Service Award banquets were almost always in the penthouse ballroom of the Saint Regis Hotel, 2 East 55th St, Manhattan.

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